What People Say About Us

“My daughter is transfixed by the instruments. She can’t tear her eyesaway – its magical!”

Camilla, Mum to Lila (aged 7 months)

“I’m a musician myself so I was always going to be pretty picky about music classes for Mischa. We haven’t missed a single Mini Mozart class in 2 years!”

Becky, Mum to Mischa (aged 2 and a half)

“I couldn’t wait to get out and about after Alfie was born. Mini Mozart was perfect because it was interesting for both of us!”

Claire, Mum to Alfie (aged 4 months)

“We’ve been going to Mini Mozart since Noah was 3 months old. I’m going back to work next month and it’s the thing I’ll miss most about maternity leave. Apart from Noah of course!”

Suzy, Mum to Noah (aged 2)

“Mini Mozart is the only class my son pays attention to; usually he’s too busy exploring, but there is something about the musicians that really sparks his interest.”

Annabelle, Mum to Oliver (aged 15 months)

“The best music class for kids I ever attended. In fact, it was the only one I went to with my 2nd child!”

Elizabeth, Mum to Sophia (aged 2 years)

“I know that my daughter Ruby loved Julia and her French Horn at Mini Mozart – she would just stare into her eyes adoringly whilst she played!!”

Taryn, Mum to Ruby

“Was the thing I most looked forward to, in my sleep deprived week. Its great for newborns, and mothers of newborns alike. Thank you Clare and all at Mini Mozart.”

Jenefer, Mum to Oscar & Elliott

“My one year old and I love going to Mini Mozart. As a mother of two, I am a veteran of baby classes and this one is so engaging for the little ones who often gaze open-mouthed as the live music is played. The story each week is accompanied by a mixture of classical favourites and nursery rhymes, and is really brought to life by the live music.”

Charlottes mum!

“My son loves Mini Mozart – it’s the highlight of our week! He’s fascinated by the instruments and really enjoys all the interactive bits – especially the giant parachute. The mix of fun and education is just right. We can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Luca’s Mum

“My 6 months old son loves this class and so do I. There are many baby classes out there but I believe this one stands out due to the classical instruments, it’s like going to a mini concert every week! :)”

Leo’s Mum