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Baby Books And Good Advice!

Chicken Licken: The story of a hysterical bird that sees disaster at every corner. We all know someone like that don’t we!?

Toddler Tantrums

Warning! Foul Language! Do not read on if you may be offended!

How To Trick Or Treat With Toddlers

Can you believe how time flies? We are already half way through this term. Next week (starting Monday 24th October) is half term, so classes will take a little pause…

Motherhood Reviews Mini Mozart

An independent review of Mini Mozart.

It’s Twins!

I’ve learned pretty fast not to mess with twin mums.

What NOT to take away from class

1. Ignore your Mum
2. Talk to strangers
3. Buy dodgy stuff from said strangers
4. Climb tall things . . .

How To Do London Airports With Kids Like A VIP

Ninja tips on how to breeze through security and passport control like a VIP.

Descriptive Praise

How can The Stag & His Reflection teach us about raising kids with good self esteem?

Goldilocks & The Thermomix

Vitamix Schmitamix. You want a Thermomix.

How to find out your child’s learning style

Your child’s favourite game at Mini Mozart is likely to be a good indicator of their learning style.

Teaching Toddlers Morality

In the last UK census poll nearly 50% of the British population identified themselves as having no religion.

Culture for Kids in London

Check out some of our favourite family friendly London cultural hotspots.

The Ugly Duckling

What to expect when things don’t turn out as you expected.

How To Teach Babies Rhythm

One of the Mums siddled up to me at the end of class with an embarrassed look on her face.

Are You A Snowplough Parent?

Never mind ‘true love’s kiss’, the moral of Sleeping Beauty is that no matter how hard parents may try to negate them, life and growing up presents risks.