Baby Books And Good Advice!

Chicken Licken: The story of a hysterical bird that sees disaster at every corner. We all know someone like that don’t we!? Whether it’s a well-meaning advice from your mother in law on how not to do whatever it is you’re doing or complete strangers who tut as you order an omelette for lunch when you’re pregnant (have you EVER heard of someone actually catching salmonella from eggs? Even a friend of a friend of a friend – no), there’s always someone on hand to let you know how you’re doing the wrong thing when it comes to parenting!

I’ve giftwrapped my baby books (What To Expect & The Baby Whisperer were the ones en vogue when my kids were babies) to give to my children if and when they have their own children so that they can laugh at what was considered ‘good advice’ in the Noughties. Because Lord knows it’ll have changed by then! So, my ‘good advice’ is to trust your instincts and keep on doing what you’re doing!

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