Make Days Spent Indoors Count!

Although we had to pivot fast, the silver lining to our ‘corona cloud’ has been being forced to go online.  The classes are such a joy to teach and we’ve picked up fans and rave reviews from all over the world!  Indeed, our online sessions have been such a hit we’re continuing them indefinitely (schedule below).

Mini Mozart Online Classes help provide structure to days spent indoors: Whether it’s because you’re still under lockdown (our sympathies), you’re ill, have been nabbed by the track and tracers, it’s raining, or if it’s simply one of those days, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve given your little one a dose of brain boosting musical learning to help them thrive.

Each class is like a mini musical.  With a different presenter and instrument each day and a different story each week, your little one will love the repetition whilst at the same time having their musical and educational horizons broadened by the variety of instruments and stories.

The classes are live, interactive and broadcast directly to your home and seeing everyone smiling back at you on screen is simply joyful and absolutely doesn’t count as ‘screen time’ because you’re interacting with the musicians.

Our live presenter ensures textural variety by playing in pre-recorded videos of nursery rhymes and classical music performed by our Mini Mozart Musicians (on French Horn, Piano, Violin, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet & Saxophone) so that the visual experience is interesting, fun and engaging for your little one (and you!)

You can enjoy the sessions without them, but to join in you’ll need a couple of shakers (rice in a jar will do!), your little ones’ favourite cuddly toy, a lightweight scarf and some bubbles.


Mondays – Fridays at 9.36am for Toddlers, and 10.41am for Babies

Tuesdays & Thursdays : as above plus 4pm for Babies & Toddlers

Saturdays at 10am for Babies & Toddlers