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FAQs and T&Cs

This is our Photo Policy

Mini Mozart is in agreement with the NSPCC who say that “It's important that children feel happy with their achievements and have photographs and films of their special moments. Family and friends also want to be able to share the successes of their children when they have been part of a special event or activity.”  We occasionally take photographs at class for you to purchase and for publicity purposes.  In accordance with the NSPCC guidelines, we never publish a photo of a child with their name or any other piece of information that could later be used to identify them.

If you take photos/videos of your child during class, check with other parents/carers first if their children are in view.

If you DO NOT want us to photograph your child, you may opt out by clicking here.

Can I use my phone in class?
The children get some much more out of class if their adults join in, so please support our policy in only using phones to take photos.

Can my children eat in class?
To keep our venues clean and allergy friendly, we ask that you don't bring food into class.  

Why Mini Mozart?
What do you mean? Have you not seen our video yet?
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What happens in each 45 minute class?
Seriously - watch the video!
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What are the term dates for 2019/20  in London?
Autumn Term runs from Monday 9th September - Friday 20th December, 2019. Half term; the week beginning 21st October. 
Spring Term runs from Monday 6th January - Friday 3rd April, 2020. Half term; the week beginning 17th February. 
Summer Term runs from Friday 17th April - Friday 17th July.  Half term; the week beginning 25th May.
Some of our classes have slightly different dates and these are listed within our individual class descriptions or will be emailed.

What are the term dates for 2019/20 in Hertfordshire?
Autumn Term runs from Monday 9th September - Friday 20th December, 2019. Half term; the week beginning 28th October.
Spring Term runs from Monday 6th January - Friday 3rd April, 2020. Half term; the week beginning 17th February. 
Summer Term runs from Friday 17th April - Friday 17th July, 2020.  Half term; the week beginning 25th May.  No classes on Fri 8th May (Bank Hols).
Some of our classes have slightly different dates and these are listed within our individual class descriptions or will be emailed.

Do I have to book for a whole term?
Yes. We want to provide continuity for both teacher and pupil so that the children can gain as much as possible from the Mini Mozart experience. However, if term has already started and you've missed some classes, if there are still places available, you are still able to book for the rest of the term.

How is the price calculated?
The price you see on the website will have been discounted to reflect the number of weeks left in the term.

Why is the price for one location different to another?
The cost of the class varies due to different room and piano hire rates from venue to venue.

Why is it more expensive than some of the other baby & toddler classes?
Because you get what you pay for! No seriously, we have a piano accompanist, AND an orchestral musician leading the class, and they both have to be paid!

Can I book a taster class?
Yes, so long as you're ok with the possibility that you won't get a place (because we give whole term bookings priority and they tend to sell out very quickly), you can wait until term starts when we'll release any unsold places as taster classes a week at a time.  Heads up! We can't promise that there'll be a place left for the rest of term after you've been to a taster class. 

How do I cancel my place?
We've always been unique in that we offered a cancel anytime policy, but we have had to suspend that until the uncertainty over the Coronavirus dissipates.  Being a freelance musician offers very little security at the best of times, so during this, the worst of times, we're asking our clients to continue to support us so that we're still able to be here for you when this all blows over in a few months.  

How can I pay?
We take debit or credit card as well as Paypal, so plenty of options.

What happens if I go on holiday or my child is ill? Can I do make up classes?
You can take a make up class at another venue where space permits during the same term, but you can’t carry them over to another term. If you can’t fit them in, you can always offer the place to a friend. Just let us know at so the teacher knows to expect your guest.  We are sorry that we can't refund for missed classes.

Can I bring my baby to a toddler class?
The toddler class is for children ages 16 months - 4 years.  Babes in arms (under 6 months) can come along free to their older siblings class. Once they’re sitting up, some venues have a mixed baby and toddler class but if not book both children into the Toddlers class.

Can I bring my toddler to a baby class?
The baby classes are for ages 0- 15 months. We like to preserve the relative calm of the Babies class so no toddlers allowed!
Our baby classes are specifically aimed at the babies, where they can be safely laid on the ground to experience the music without being stomped on by marauding toddlers!

Is there a sibling discount?
Absolutely! Contact the office for details (London) or (Herts)

Is there a twins discount?
Of Course!! Contact the office for details (London) or (Herts)

How is the mixed Babies & Toddlers class different?
It's not really. But the teacher is aware that whilst the babies enjoy the class with their adults, they need to entertain the older siblings.
The teacher will of course circulate as normal so that the younger children can also enjoy the instruments.

The class is showing full, how do I get on the waiting list?
Sign up and book onto the waiting list. Although it won't cost anything, you must 'Add To Cart' and complete the transaction to be added to the list. We will then contact you as soon as a place becomes available.

How many children are in each class?
This depends on the size of the venue, usually between 10-18.

Why don't you offer Pay As You Go classes?
We used to, but the classes were so popular that they were packed to the rafters making it difficult to maintain the quality of the class. It didn't seem fair to turn people away who'd actually made it out of the house with a dressed and fed child, but we had to cap the numbers somehow and taking advance bookings is the fairest way to do that.

Do you have classes in my area?
Lets see!
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