FAQs and T&Cs

How does the membership system work?

Our flexible GOLD membership system puts you in charge. We currently offer live online classes 51 weeks a year (which are included in your membership) and in-person classes during term time (where Covid-19 related issues aren’t preventing us!) so that wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, you can make sure your little one gets their weekly dose of brain boosting musical learning. SILVER membership is for online classes only. The auto-renewing monthly membership fees start when you do, and will continue until you cancel. You can do so at anytime via our homepage by clicking ‘My Account’ (top right hand side) and following the instructions. We cannot take advanced bookings if you want to start at a later date unfortunately.

What are you doing to mitigate the risk of COVID-19?

Please sanitise your hands before you enter the class room.  We will ventilate venues as much as possible, so WEAR A JUMPER (!) and BRING A BLANKET for your little one to sit on.  All our venues have enhanced cleaning regimes, and the Mini Mozart kits will be quarantined for a week or cleaned between classes to ensure that no virus is present. You are encouraged to bring your own hand sanitiser to class to use before any shared equipment (like the parachute) is handled, and some people bring their own shakers. You are most welcome to wear a face covering if you wish, but it is not mandatory.

 Do you have a bursary scheme?  

Yes.  We firmly believe that music should be for everyone.  If you receive Universal Credit, please email [email protected] and we will send you an application.

Why Mini Mozart? What do you mean? Have you not seen our video yet?

What happens in each 40 minute class? Seriously – watch the video!

What are the term dates for 2021-22?

We run a weekly live online class on Tuesdays at 4pm and Fridays at 10am and in-person classes during school term time.

Spring Term 2022 runs from Tuesday 4 January until Friday 1 April 2022 with half term from 14-18 February 2022 inclusive.

Summer Term 2022 runs from Tuesday 19 April until Friday 22 July 2022 with half term from 30 May-3 June 2022 inclusive.

Please note classes do not take place on bank holidays. Any changes to this are listed within each individual class description or will be emailed to subscribers.

Will I get a refund for months where there aren’t as many classes (like in school holidays)No, but you can cancel your subscription anytime, or join our online class instead – feel free to invite Grand/Godparents too.  Members can also access pre-recorded classes On Demand (available via your My Account area).

Why is the price for one location different to another? The cost of the class varies due to different room and piano hire rates from venue to venue.

Why is it more expensive than some of the other baby & toddler classes? Because you get what you pay for! No seriously, we have a piano accompanist, AND an orchestral musician leading the class, AND occasional visiting ensemble musicians and they all have to be paid.

Can I book a taster class? Yes, for some venues – have a look here.

What happens if I go on holiday or my child is ill? Can I do a make up class? Yes – email [email protected] requesting which class you’d like to attend instead, or simply gift your class to a friend that week – just let us know the name and email address of the person and their little one coming in your place.

How do I cancel my place? Simply go to the ‘My Account’ area on our homepage (top right hand corner) and follow the instructions. We’ve made it as easy as possible.

I’d like to cancel half way through my membership month. Will you refund the remainder? Sorry, no! We’ve tried to make membership as flexible as possible, but we couldn’t find a membership system that would facilitate refunding partial months (literally no other subscription system does it) and the idea of doing it manually makes us want to curl up in the corner and whimper!  You will, of course, have access to all your membership benefits until the end of your membership month, whenever you cancel.

In the event of a further Lockdown, we will immediately reduce any renewal fees back down to £24.99, but we will not refund any payments already taken nor carry them over. Clients receive government information at the same time as we do and can cancel their monthly subscription any time via the My Account area of the website. We can no longer indemnify clients against any loss made if we’re obliged to cancel or postpone classes through no fault of our own.

I’ve cancelled my Gold member subscription but I’m still receiving communications from you. Why? Our subscriptions work like a gym membership – you are entitled to continue to attend in-person and online classes until the last day before your subscription would have renewed. So, for example, if your subscription renews on the 14th of a month but you cancel on 1st, you would still be able to attend classes right up until the 13th and therefore, we’ll continue to send you relevant communications for that period.

Can I bring my baby to a toddler class? The toddler class is for children ages 16 months – 4 years who are confidently toddling. Babes in arms (under 6 months) can come along free to their older sibling’s class. Once they’re sitting up, some venues have a mixed baby and toddler class that you may wish to move to, but if not book both children into the Toddlers class.

Can I bring my toddler to a baby class? The baby classes are for ages 0- 15 months or until a child is confidently toddling. We like to preserve the relative calm of the Babies class, so no toddlers allowed!  Our baby classes are specifically aimed at the babies, where they can be safely laid on the ground to experience the music without being stomped on by marauding toddlers!

Is there a sibling or twins discount? Yes – you get 50% off your second child (siblings only).  Please email [email protected] to get the code to use when booking your two (or more) children’s places.

How is the mixed Babies & Toddlers class different? It’s not really. But the teacher is aware that whilst the babies enjoy the class with their adults, they need to entertain the older siblings.  The teacher will of course circulate as normal so that the younger children can also enjoy the instruments.

The class is showing full, how do I get on the waiting list? Flowers and fine wine help. Just kidding. Sign up to the waiting list. Although it won’t cost anything, you must ‘Add To Cart’ and complete the transaction to be added to the list. We will then contact you as soon as a place becomes available.

How many children are in each class? This depends on the size of the venue, usually up to around 16 or so.

Can I bring more than one adult? If you have a visiting relative or a grandparent who is keen to come along and hear what Mini Mozart is all about, then please email [email protected] to check that there is space your child’s venue to accommodate them.  On a regular basis, we ask that each child be accompanied to class by only one adult.

Can I use my phone in class? The children get some much more out of class if their adults join in, so please support our policy in only using phones to take photos.

Can my children eat in class? To keep our venues clean and allergy friendly, we ask that you don’t bring food into class.

Why don’t you offer Pay As You Go classes? We used to, but the classes were so popular that they were packed to the rafters making it difficult to maintain the quality of the class. It didn’t seem fair to turn people away who’d actually made it out of the house with a dressed and fed child, but we had to cap the numbers somehow and taking advance bookings is the fairest way to do that.

Our Photo Policy Mini Mozart is in agreement with the NSPCC who say that “It’s important that children feel happy with their achievements and have photographs and films of their special moments. Family and friends also want to be able to share the successes of their children when they have been part of a special event or activity.” We occasionally take photographs at class for you to purchase and for publicity purposes. In accordance with the NSPCC guidelines, we never publish a photo of a child with their name or any other piece of information that could later be used to identify them.

If you take photos/videos of your child during class, check with other parents/carers first if their children are in view. If you DO NOT want us to photograph your child, you may opt out by clicking here.

Do you have classes in my area?

Lets see!