Goldilocks & The Thermomix

There’s nothing worse than a fussy eater and Goldilocks (our protagonist next week) is the very worst of them! A great tool in the effort to raise gastronomically adventurous kids is The Thermomix. I got mine after musing to a friend who works on Masterchef about whether or not to buy a Vitamix. “Vitamix Schmitamix” she said; “You want a Thermomix”. “Where do you get those?” I asked. “Oh you can’t just BUY them” she said. SOLD! And I haven’t looked back. I even gave my Mum my beloved KitchenAid.

The Thermomix makes feeding the family a cinch. For one, because it makes cooking from scratch very doable. It’s super fast and clean and even the most reluctant cooks can follow its guided cooking function and have the same results as the most annoying impressive of gourmands.

From the weaning period where we batch cook and freeze portions of all kinds of new foods for our babies, to the ‘we need to hide vegetables everywhere otherwise they’ll live on pasta’ period, to the years when THEY want to cook you dinner (they’ll come) and you need it and them to be safe, the Thermomix can handle it in one single appliance.

If you’ve never heard of this wonder machine that makes porridges, soups, sorbets, curries, breads, and all kinds of baby food and full family meals, check out the Cordon Bleu trained Vero’s Instagram account @kitchenvictories.

Vero also does workshops where you learn how to make (and eat!) healthier playdate-proof rainbow lemonade, pizza and sugar free fruit sorbet whilst your toddler plays with Thermomix made peppermint play dough. Book a place on 07769707378.

Baby Bear Porridge

Multigrain Frozen Raspberry and Banana Porridge

You’ll need

100g multigrain porridge mix(the one I use from M&S has oats, barley, rye, spelt and milled golden flaxseeds) or 50g oats and 50g barley flakes

300ml milk (your choice)

1 banana (to sweeten)

quinoa puffs (like rice puffs but way better, available in health shops)

frozen raspberries

No Stir Method with Thermomix

. Weigh porridge mix and milk in bowl and cook 5 minutes/90C/reverse speed 1.

. Add banana in bits to mixing bowl and blend 4 seconds/speed 4. Further blending for young babies.

. Pour into bowls, crumble the frozen berries over it and top with the quinoa puffs. Mix with spoon and enjoy seeing your baby bear faces.

. Clean Thermomix by covering the blades with water, add a drop of washing up liquid and set to 60C for one minute on speed 6. Simples!

Hands down, my own baby bears’ favourite.

The genius reason to cook porridge in the Thermomix as opposed to a normal pan is that is completely hands off, from the weighing to the chopping, the stirring, and most importantly, because it’s cooked at 90C, the milk doesn’t catch at the bottom of the pan. If you top that with the self cleaning bit at the end, well, even Goldilocks can make her own porridge.

Verónica Guardiola, from Kitchen Victories, is an Independent Thermomix Advisor, a Cordon Bleu trained cook, and a mama of two baby bears.

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