We're Here For You During Lockdown! 

Book here for our live and interactive Mini Mozart Lockdown Live Lounge


Mini Mozart's Lockdown Live Lounge will help provide structure to your lockdown days and entertain your little ones! The classes are live and interactive and broadcast directly to your sitting room.  You can see and interact with other participants in the class (although there are lots of different 'view' options) and hang out after class in a 'breakout room' to chat with the other parents (if you choose) helping you connect and maintain some sense of community that we are all so sorely missing in isolation. 

As the classes are live and interactive, they absolutely do not eat into your 'cBeebies' or other screen time because the experience is completely different.  We splice into the texture of the broadcast with pre-recorded songs performed by our Mini Mozart musicians (filmed in the week before Lockdown hit!) so maintain our highest standards whilst keeping the visual experience interesting, fun and engaging for your little one (and you!)

All you'll need to join in are a couple of shakers (rice in a jar will do!), your little ones' favourite cuddly toy, some bubbles, your singing voices and a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' attitude!

We are currently running 13 classes across 6 days a week, including Saturday morning classes that might suit working parents who may not be able to attend during the week, and 4pm classes which could be useful for those parents who are helping older children with home-schooling in the mornings, so you'll be able to find a time-slot that fits in well with your current lockdown routine.  

Our Toddlers classes encourage your toddlers to use up some of their seemingly endless energy; we'll get them clapping, tapping, shaking, rocking, rolling and marching, and by putting listening and movement together, we'll enrich their musical experience and help with their learning skills.

Our Babies classes focus on introducing different orchestral instruments to your little one and nurturing their innate love of music.  We'll sing heritage children's songs, from Twinkle Twinkle to Sleeping Bunnies, I'm a Little Teapot to The Grand Old Duke of York and intersperse with classical music so that they have the opportunity to hear different genres of music. What's more, we'll encourage you to get involved too so you can sing away to your heart's content; after all we know that research shows it's your voice that babies really want to hear!