Julia MacDonnell

Also Known As:

Sometime in my neighbourhood "Miss Recorder Lady!" because I tech recorder at a number of primary schools across Islington

Natural Habitat

St Mary's, Islington
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I play French horn, trumpet, and natural horn. I teach recorder at many schools across Islington, direct the Thornhill Primary Orchestra, and teach horn and am the brass section leader for the Nucleo Project in Notting Hill.

Interesting Facts

I'm Australian!

When I was little I lived on an island off of Papua New Guinea so the lyrics "If you see a crocodile don't forget to scream!" In 'Row Row Row Your Boat' have real resonance for me.

I've started taking body percussion classes and it's the best fun ever.

Once I was running for the bus (with my French horn of course...) and fell over and grazed my knee. A man on a motor bike stopped to check if I was alright. It was one of the French horn players of the London Symphony Orchestra! And he recognised me from when I had met him two weeks before! I was mortified!

Claim to Fame

I once played for the Queen!

I played in Scottish Parliament and played in the fanfare as Her Majesty and the Duke of York entered the chamber. I was so nervous!

For International Women's Day this year I played in an all female orchestra at Royal Festival Hall. I shared the stage with Sandi Toksvig, Hugh Grant, Sarah Millican, Angel Blue, Sharon D. Clarke, Sian Edwards and Alice Farnham, and Ayanna Witter-Johnson.