Children’s birthdays are among the most precious occasions in our lives and our Events Team love helping you create magical memories for you and your child. We offer three different styles of party, but do contact our team to talk through your ideas if you find you don’t fit into either perfectly. We’ll create the perfect party with you.

In consultation with you, we can arrange every aspect of the party, from character costumes for the practitioners, themed birthday cake, personalised cupcakes, catering, balloons, decorations, table & chair hire and settings, and party bags.

Baby’s First Party

Baby’s first birthday should be magical. It’s the first (and possibly the last!) birthday that you’ll get to celebrate exactly how you want before the pre-school kitsch kicks in, so take the opportunity to do it in style! A Mini Mozart First Birthday Party is usually led by one guitar playing practitioner who will lead the babies through a fun interactive story incorporating all their favourite nursery songs, along with age appropriate parachute games and bubbles.

The entertainment lasts for about 45 minutes (any longer and babies of this age start to get unsettled) and ends with a rousing chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ which is the parents’ cue to fire up the video camera, bring out the birthday cake and help blow out the candles.

We’re able to do Baby’s First Birthday at such a reasonable rate because we ask that no more than 10 babies* attend meaning that we don’t need a second practitioner to help crowd control! It’s a calm affair, with the adults sitting around in a circle with their babies and joining in. If you’d rather have a glass of wine and a chat with your friends during the entertainment, or you’ve got more runners than sitters attending, then opt for the Classic Party instead.

The cost of a Baby’s first birthday party is £125

*under 15 months, although of course the birthday child’s older siblings can be included in the 10 guests.

Classic Party

The Classic Party involves two practitioners – a lead instrumentalist and an accompanist – who tell an interactive story about a little boy/girl, or prince/princess who’s parents don’t want him to be spoiled. Rather than simply being given a party, he has to earn one by completing 3 tasks. (Bubble popping, musical statues, pass the parcel, etc). The tasks are accompanied by fun live classical music and the story is interspersed with well known songs for the children (and adults if they’re so inclined) to sing along with. When the birthday boy (or girl) goes into town to buy a new party outfit, he goes by bus and they sing ‘Wheels On The Bus’. He looks fabulous from head to toe – so we sing Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes. When he passes a task we sing ‘If You’re Happy & You Know It’ etc.

And the big reveal? : Who do you think the birthday boy/girl is!?

The children interact with orchestral instruments, percussion, and play party games with a parachute & bubbles. We usually end with ‘Happy Birthday’ (cue the family videographer who we’ll have primed to capture the child’s face when she sees her birthday cake for the first time) and after she’s made a wish the birthday tea is often served while someone cuts up the cake.

If it’s a Christening, Baby Naming or some other special occasion, we’ll end with a rousing chorus of The Oakey Cokey instead!

This party is much more rambunctious than the Babies’ Party, and two practitioners can look after up to 20 excited children. Please (for your sake and ours!) request a third practitioner if you have more than 20 children attending. The Classic Party lasts 1 hour.

Our Mini Mozart Classic Party is £250, with extra practitioners priced at £70 each. Why not get a feel of what Mini Mozart is all about at one of our classes?

Bespoke Party

Want something a little different, but love the Mini Mozart style? Talk to us and we can come up with a tailored party just for you. We will write a personalised story (which makes a lovely addition to your baby book or memory box) based on your child’s favourite characters and incorporating your special request songs.

Mini Mozart bespoke parties start from £450