Flute, Singing or Theory with Maddie


Flute Singing or Music Theory With Maddie Jewel

Only places available


I’m delighted to be able to offer one to one lessons in Flute playing, Singing, and Music Theory. Flute lessons are available to ages 6+ who already own a flute in their home. This will be in the classical style.

Singing lessons are available to 6+ and will be in a Musical Theatre style.

For children younger than 6 I am happy to give them lessons however as they are too young for formal training this will be much more about copying songs and having fun rather than developing their skills. This requires no instrument.

Music Theory lessons is the analysis of music and can be offered to complete beginners up to ABRSM grade 5 standard. These lessons will be a combination of written and practical work. Beginner classes include learning to read music and understanding basic rhythm and harmony.

All lessons cater to the specific needs and skill set of the pupil. I look forward to working with you for what will be fun and engaging classes.

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