Lockdown Live Lounge Friday Taster


Live online taster class running Friday mornings at 10am on Zoom. Once booked, we will email you details and information to log into the online class.

46 places available


Are you worried about how you’ll nurture your child’s creativity, curiosity and imagination through the coronavirus pandemic? With self-isolation and the possibility of lockdown, keeping your child engaged and entertained will be a challenge. But Mini Mozart is here to help with our Lockdown Live Lounge sessions.

These classes won’t eat into your child’s screen time allowance as our Live Lounge sessions are all about interactivity. Through our live video broadcast, we’ll bring structure to your child’s day and foster that sense of community that both our children and us grown-ups are sorely missing.

Our professional musicians, including a piano accompanist, will perform the classics, priming your child for a lifetime of musical enjoyment and appreciation. All you need is a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ attitude, a couple of shakers, a lightweight scarf and bubbles.

These props will help teach your child about tempo, pitch, rhythm and musical cues. They provide visual and tactile elements to reinforce their musical learning. Well, except for the bubbles, they’re just about having a great time.

What’s more, with multiple video view options available, you’ll be able to see and interact with other participants. Once class is over, you can hang out with other parents in our virtual breakout room. Exchange tips and ideas on how to get our children through these exceptionally challenging times, chat about your day or simply enjoy the chance to connect with other people.

Every Live Lounge session is a premium experience. We’ve invested in a professional camera crew, sound and lighting, so you and your child will truly feel a part of the action.

In the worst of times, music has the power to uplift and create moments of joy. So join us as we bring classical music for kids, which even the grown-ups will enjoy, direct to your sitting room.

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