Primrose Hill Babies & Toddlers, Thursdays at 11.20am

£24.99 / month

Initially £24.99 / month, rising to £52.99 / month once real life classes re-open (auto-renewing, cancel any time) when Lockdown#2 is lifted.

Pianos and Parachutes, Giant Scrunchies and Saxophones, Bubbles and Bach, Puppets and Trumpets, with a different orchestral instrument each week, this class has everything you need to inspire the Mini Mozart in your child.

7 places available


Primrose HIll Community Library, Sharples Hall St, NW1 8YN


Your auto-renewing monthly membership gives you access to one physical class each week during term time (at your chosen venue) and 13 live interactive online classes per week, every week (even in the school holidays!) so that whenever, wherever, your little one will never miss out on their dose of brain boosting musical fun and learning. Cancel anytime.
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