Mini Mozart classes are great fun for nursery school children with all the babies and toddlers able to get involved and hands-on with the instruments, singing, dancing and having an awesome time at nursery. Our professional musicians provide baby music classes throughout London and Hertfordshire, so have the experience of dealing with nursery age children and what they enjoy.

Nursery Classes for Specific Age Groups

The classes we run can be adjusted depending on the age group with our baby music classes aimed at 0 -15 months which introduces little ones to the amazing world of music.

Toddlers love to explore how music is made, which involves getting hands-on! We encourage them to have a pluck, press or blow of those interesting instruments that have been brought into their nursery.

How frequent are your baby music classes and toddler groups?
We would be delighted to bring our musical magic into your nursery and have lots of different options available depending on your budget and facilities. Mini Mozart can really enhance the experience of your children at nursery, while it also means you have less to plan and you won’t need to purchase any equipment ahead of our music groups.

Give us a call on 0207 193 1983 or email us at [email protected] to discuss how we can discover the Mini Mozart in your children.