Why Mini Mozart?

Let’s be honest there are LOADS of music classes out there for babies and toddlers.
But why would you choose one without live music?

  • Why would you choose one not taught by professional musicians who are all music graduates?
  • Why would you choose one without a piano accompanist for the children and musicians to interact with?
  • Why would you choose a music class where your child could look but not touch?
  • No – we don’t know either!


Babies are on the most magical voyage of discovery – everything they experience shapes how they understand the world and up until a child sees someone playing live music, it doesn’t make sense. It’s a disembodied sound that comes from a box plugged into the wall.

The Eureka! moment when a baby first understands how music is made is seminal.

Quite apart from the fact that as musicians it’s a dream to have an audience quite so transfixed, to be present at the moment when a baby’s face breaks into a beam of pleasure as they first comprehend the wonder of musical communication is enchanting for us, and for a parent is magical.

Don’t let these enchanting moments disappear without you having noticed them.


Once a child understands how music is made, they want to explore it for themselves which is why we dismissed the idea of simply holding ‘baby friendly’ concerts or recitals.

Having passed the stage of shoving everything straight into their mouths, toddlers want to have a pluck, press, blow, scrape, bang of whatever instrument is on offer.

Once children discover something for themselves, they take ownership of it and want more.

If we were better business people we’d have set up Mini Instruments 4U because we’ve lost count of the number of parents who’ve told us that their kids want a violin or trumpet for Christmas!

So the idea is...

The idea of Mini Mozart is to get children really interested in music so that rather than merely hearing, they are actively and avidly listening.

By the time they leave us to go to school, we want them to be raring to go with an idea about what instrument they’d like to play and consider music to be an integral part of their lives!

Don’t just put this on your ‘to do’ list. We have long waiting lists for some venues, so if you don’t book now, you may miss out.

Babies & Toddlers Class

Although you are welcome to book your baby into his/her older sibling’s class, if like us, you were crazy enough to have two kids close together, we have another option for you.  At some venues we offer a mixed Babies & Toddlers class where babies enjoy the class with their adults and the older sibling interacts with the teacher.  These classes are suitable for ALL children aged 0-4 years (so not just for siblings) – the teacher adapts the class pending the age of the children attending, so everyone can join in the musical fun – perfect too for one child who’s nap times don’t fit in with our other classes.