It’s Twins!

Oh the romance of twins! I remember wanting identical twins, except that one was to be a boy, and the other a girl!?

Of course the reality of twins jarrs, jaw-droppingly so, with the naive dreams of little girls, so when our lovely ‘Chief Orchestrator’ Christina joined the team, herself the mother of twins, the first thing she did was reform our twins booking policies.

“I was so fed up of having to pay twice for classes and then once in the sessions not even being able to join in properly. What I loved about Mini Mozart is that it was totally doable with two babies, so as a twins mum I didn’t feel left out.”

She also bullied us into offering twins a bigger discount than the usual sibling discount. I can’t quite remember what her rationale was, but I learned pretty fast not to mess with a twins mum – they simply don’t stand for any nonsense!

We have plundered the world of Greek Mythology for this week’s story of literature’s most famous twins, Castor & Pollux who’s mother was a swan. Don’t ask!

So while you go about the rest of your day, leave this video of Saint Saens’ The Swan playing. I guarantee even twins mums will feel their souls soar.

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