Notting Hill Babies & Toddlers, Mondays at 11.15am

£73.95 / month

Your subscription will auto renew on the same date each month until you cancel (anytime) via your account on our website. 

Mini Mozart classes feature a rotating cast of orchestral instrumentalists each week alongside a regular piano accompanist. Whether your little one is destined to be a Singer, String Player, Percussionist, Wind Player or Brassy, our carefully curated mix of props, games, musical exercises and story telling is designed to lay the foundations of a love, appreciation and aptitude for music.

The Babies & Toddlers Together classes are suitable for all children aged 0-4 years (not just siblings). The teacher adapts the class pending the age of the children attending, so everyone can join in the musical fun!

6 places available


St Mary of the Angels, Moorhouse Rd, Notting Hill, London W2 5DJ


When you subscribe to this class, your space is guaranteed.  No need to re-book, your auto-renewing monthly membership continues until you cancel, which you can do anytime via the website.

If you need to miss a class, let us know in advance so that we can arrange a make-up class for you, or let us know if you’ve got a friend who’d like to take your place instead.  During the holidays you can take one of our (free to members) live online classes so that your little one doesn’t miss out on their brain-boosting music session.

Alternative Classes

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  • Notting Hill Babies & Toddlers Together Taster Class at 11:15am

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